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Sinister Team

A vital part of our existence is our factory team of riders who represent our company, our co-sponsors, affiliates and our ideals as a company. This team has been handpicked based not strictly upon the handling of a bicycle. They are well rounded people who think for themselves, yet have a strong eye on company values. They represent not only our own company but our sponsors well.

Our riders are pivotal in product design and testing.

Sasha Yakovleff

Alstead, NH
Age - 18

Sasha is all about flow… The smoothest rider with the chillest disposition. Sasha is another extremely well-rounded cat who has that look that many of our sponsors like and use in their marketing. He has been featured heavily in Bern Helmets marketing efforts globally including in Las Vegas and Australian Trade Shows.

Dane Berke

Hometown-Milford, MA
Age - 25

Dane is a rider! Pound for pound he is our most well rounded rider. Whether its 20 foot drops, blasting parks, racing DH, X-C or 24 hour races, Dane knows how to ride a bike. One of the reasons he has been an official product tester for Sinister Bikes for 4 years. Dane is a vital part of testing and future designs of our bikes as well as developing our softgoods line as an artist.

Knight Ide

Newark, VT
Age - 34

Knight defines the term "big mountain rider". He goes big and fast with a creative flair on natural terrain. Like his teammates he is a very well rounded rider mixing it up as a jumper, DH racer and trail shred as well. Knight's trail and jump building is legendary as well right in the hub of the Northeast riding scene of Burke VT. He is also an amazing free skier and motocrosser and a single father with a teenage boy poised to follow in his footsteps. His business, Old World Masonry is renowned for quality work on high -end homes.

Derek Stevens

Southwick, MA
Age - 22

Derek breathes talent and is extremely powerful and dedicated to being the best he can be. He has a busy schedule of shooting photos and video parts, performing at jump jams, building trails, product testing for Sinister Bikes, Bern Helmets and Rothco as well as representing at Highland Mountain Bike Park.