Sinister Frames

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You raised me to be a Downhiller like you and Dad but I am different person than you or him.  I respect you as my parents but also as the people who taught me about leverage rates, shock pre-load and chassis adjustment (remember when we bled those pro-stops in the kitchen and my diapers got soaked with mineral oil)?

Well I didn't forget what I learned. I am still a Downhiller at heart and always will be but I need something else. Dad used to work with a trials rider didn't he?  He always seemed proud to be the first guy to talk to him and didn't he come to the house for Christmas dinner?

I am grown now and have made my decision. I love trials and even have designed my own trials frame. I attached a photo to this email (just click where it says "attachment") and you can look at it if you want.  I had help from a bunch of really good trials riders and they don't pressure me to do anything that I am not ready for.

I just wanted to get this off my chest. If I don't hear from you I will know what you think. Anyway, I will see you on the hill as soon as the lifts open, Love FTW


  • Ultra-stiff seat stays (no booster)
  • Integrated chain tensioner
  • 68 mm BB shell
  • 1080 mm wheel base
  • 380 mm chain stay length
  • 72 deg head angle
  • Fits wide rim and big tire
  • Under 5 lbs
  • All 6061 aluminum construction
  • Built in Vermont by FTW